Hi!  My name is Mary Cynthia Knowles. Decorating has been my life since I was a girl. I grew up in the business, you might say.  Our family- owned interior design business started in 1952, and we began teaching home decorating ideas to the public in the 70's. Thousands of people have discovered the joy of self-expression and gained the confidence to decorate their own homes, with less expense and effort than they dreamed possible! I'll show you the basics to get you started on creating the home of your dreams, and save you endless hours of trial and error and thousands of dollars on your next project.  We'll go way beyond the idea phase right on through to the completion phase!              Most of the people who attend my interior decorating classes come for one reason: confidence!  Once you have a vision of your home, and the basic decorating principles, you can begin to have the confidence to express yourself boldly with selecting the right color, the right home decor elements, the perfect furnishings (including what you already have), and the perfect home decor accessories to showcase your personality. Home decorating can be a complete mystery when you're randomly copying ideas from TV shows and books.  Think of me as your "Home Improvement DIY" specialist!  I'll teach you all the interior design basics I've learned over the last 25 years of professional practice.  You'll learn about unique home decor ideas, accessories, all kinds of ideas for your bedroom, bathroom, furnishings and much more.